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Friday, January 12, 2007

And once again . . .

Well no kids will be going to school AGAIN today. Took them all to the dr. yesterday and yipee---walking pnemonia x3....

I just can't seem to keep them well since they started school. I added a link to the left over there of the dorks who are challenging me to take a picture every day for 30 days. We'll see how many of them can even manage it--

I shot the CUTEST little guy on tuesday.. 1st birthday and such- he was such a sweet heart!
I just can't tell you how hilarious it was when i gave him a sucker and instead of eating it-- or even tasting it-- he just whacked it on the ground and beat it into little bitty bitty bits LOL.

On a side not- My husband and I attempted to watch the movie Crank last night, but the kids decided to be interested in it and not their own movie in the back so that was a bust as it is REALLY not a movie okay for children.

OH and for reference the silly ninnies who post here are generally other photographers, they have their own very very weird senses of humor, so dont bother trying to understand them. It's not possible, and I gave up a LONG time ago.

In better news, for those of you who have alittle girl who just LOVES my Kaiya Eve petiskirt- I have ordered 4 NEW colors! and now have a second pink one so that sisters can twirl together. Those blasted skirts really bring out the sparkle in little ladies, so i decided a good investment in colors and cute t-shirts to go with them was definetly in order.

OH and all my boys had birthdays rescently! So now I am mom to a 7, 5, and 3 yr old. Man how the time flies.

I do herby promise to try to get a life though, or this blog is going to bore you all to tears!


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